Te Kora

Māori Women’s Development Inc are pleased to announce that we are able to deliver our MWDI Te Kora Business programs for rangatahi within schools.

Te Wero Pakihi

Innovative thinking and entrepreneurship

Hei ō ranga

Wharekura enterprise program

Te Kora

MWDI Te Kora Overview:

  • MWDI Te Kora explores te ao pakihi and is an introduction to the social lean canvas.
  • MWDI Te Kora is a hands on, practical learning program where rangatahi are able to explore what it takes to bring an idea into business.
  • Rangatahi learn techniques, jargon and tools used within te ao pakihi.

To be eligible for MWDI to deliver this program, we ask that your school provides tauira from Years 11-13 and a classroom / learning space for delivery.

Students do not need to study business or have any prior business knowledge to
attend this program.

There is no cost to the schools or organisations for delivery and facilitation.

If you are interested in hosting MWDI Te Kora for your tauira please email mwdi@mwdi.co.nz

We want to inspire our Rangatahi!

Te Wero Pakihi is the next level from MWDI Te Kora. It’s an accelerated and advanced entrepreneurship development programme specifically for rangatahi who’ve already had a business learning experience.

We don’t just give them some great ideas in MWDI Te Kora and then hope for the best – we offer this next level, supported climb toward potential. Let’s keep them enthused, challenged, and inspired!

Over 5 intensive days, we’ll take everything to the next level:

  • To help rangatahi make business a reality
  • To encourage and create a pathway for rangatahi to study business at university
  • To continue to develop financial competency

Te Wero Pakihi runs for 5 days in a location where local marae and spaces can be utilised. All accommodation, meals and transport are provided. It’s a full-on intensive that can change lives. Send us your rangatahi taonga.

We’ll take them places!

Hei ō ranga

In 2018, Māori Women’s Development Inc set off on a journey to connect with Wharekura to explore the potential to support the development of a Wharekura enterprise programme.

The programme is to be conceptualised and constructed from a Mātauranga Māori perspective based off of the experiences and feed-in of past and present wharekura tauira and kura kaupapa. Another goal is for it to be delivered in Te Reo Māori by young Māori facilitators, and supported by seed funding to help make the ideas that come of the programme – happen. This Kaupapa Maori programme will form the basis right across all programmes delivered by MWDI.