Hinepreneur Coaches

Do you need help with Coaching for your business?
MWDI are pleased to announce we have two types of Hinepreneur Coaches available!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a useful way of developing your skills and abilities, and of boosting performance. It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become major problems. A coaching session will typically take place as a conversation between the coach and the coachee (person being coached), and it focuses on helping the coachee discover answers for themselves. Coaching is considered to be a positive and proven approach for helping others explore their goals and ambitions, and then achieve them. Coaches are not counselors, psychotherapists, gurus, teachers, trainers, or consultants – although they may use some of the same skills and tools. Professional coaching is carried out by qualified people who work with clients to improve their effectiveness and performance, and help them achieve their full potential. Our Hinepreneur Coaches have completed their training and are working towards their accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

How can a Hinepreneur Financial Capability Coach help me?

Our Business Capability Coaches will work with you to assess your vision, mission and aspirations for your business. They can assist you to identify any blocks, challenges or opportunities to assist you to reach your business goals. Our Coaches can also act as a sounding board to develop your business plan and can support you to complete any requirements to apply for an MWDI Loan.

How to access a coach

In order to access a Coach we need to get some more information from you, please fill out the form below and submit along with a brief background about your business and the industry you are working in.

MWDI will provide 4 sponsored two hour sessions with a Coach (which maybe face to face or using an online tool called zoom) if you wish to proceed further beyond the four sessions, you will need to organise that directly with your Coach or the Coach may come back to our organisation seeking further sponsored support to help you along your journey (this is on a case by case basis).

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Project Manager, Soraya Simeon – projectsmanager@mwdi.co.nz

Our Hinepreneur Coaches

Tristanne Dunlop

Wellington | Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Rangatahi

Tristanne is married and is a mother to two teenagers. Tristanne wants to help people re-ignite and release their potential. She believes everyone has the answers to their questions within themselves. Through powerful questioning from a coach, opportunities arise where clients can find their own wisdom and potential. As a Hineprenuer Coach Tristanne aims to encourage people to follow their dreams and aspirations to reach their full potential.

Teresa Tepania-Ashton

Wellington | Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri, Te Rarawa, Ngati Kahu ki Whaingaroa, Ngapuhi

He uri is no nga Iwi katoa o Te Taitokerau, e toko toru ona tamariki, e toko rua nga mokopuna, no Ngati Whanunga, Te Rarawa toku hoa rangatira.

Teresa has 12 years experience in corporate banking with CITIBANK. She was responsible for major corporate clients in New Zealand that were focussed on global cash management and prior to that for more than a decade Teresa worked for a Danish Dairy Engineering firm. In July 2004, she was appointed as the CEO of Te Runanga a Iwi of Ngaphuhi. This role brought many challenges as well as allowing Teresa to focus on developing the assets of Ngaphi but more importantly the aspirations of the Ngapuhi people.

Teresa initially participated to support and nurture the Hinepreneur Team, but more specifically to fulfill a passion to empower wahine Māori and their whānau in business. Teresa quickly realised the potential available to herself both professionally and personally. Hinepreneur has meant that she knows that possibilities can come true meeting like-minded wahine toa on a collective journey.

Christine Williams

Wellington | Ngati Toa, Ngai Tahu, Waitaha

Christine was raised in Wellington and, after 32 years of living with Whānau in Australia, it was a call from the heart that brought her home to share her life experience and support Maori to prosper for now and in the future. Christine is a mother of two and comes with a Secretarial/Admin background as well as running her own small business practice while dedicating the past 19 years to raising her children.

As a Hinepreneur she believes it is her privilege to support our Māori Wāhine and their Whānau to succeed in reaching their business and financial goals that will flow into their communities.

Kaye-Maree Dunn

Wellington | Nga Puhi Te Rarawa

Kaye-Maree is the Project Manager for MWDI and is passionate about empowering and supporting wahine Māori to reach their full potential. She is excited about the work she will undertake in supporting the MWDI team and also focussing on developing her skills as a Financial Capability Coach.

Cazna Luke

Christchurch | Ngai Tahu, Te Rarawa

Cazna has always had an entrepreneurial spirit since starting her own whānau operated business in 2002, Mokowhiti Consultancy and recently set up a new company Tū Maia in a partnership to specialise in leadership, innovation and venture development of all kinds.

Cazna’s strategic approach to building a business is based on her philosophy of whanaungatanga this foundation underpins Cazna’s commitment to Māori Strategy, Innovation and Development. Cazna has lead design in leadership and in national and regional workforce development programmes to increase capability to enable transformation.

Cazna has been instrumental in the set up of new Māori businesses and development organisations including being a member of the establishment team for Te Pūtahitanga South Island Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency.

Cazna is a member of the International Coaching Federation and is currently working towards her accreditation as an Associate Certifed Coach (ACC) and is an accredited Gallup Strengths Finder coach.

Coaches Korero

We caught up with Tasha (Waikato/Maniapoto, Ngati Mutunga, Ngati Rarua, Ngati Toa) about becoming a Hinepreneur Coach, the influence it has had on her and her advice for future Hinepreneur.
What has your journey been like in becoming a Hinepreneur Coach?

Becoming a Hinepreneur Coach has opened up amazing doors and helped me self heal into a space where I can now infiltrate and help others to find that place and to find those things that hold them back.

It has been life changing to go from a vibrant space to a dark space to now a place where I am able to self-coach and not worry about negative energies. It reminded me that change first starts within. I’ve been a coach probably all my life but this has given me the opportunity to professionalize these skills and I’m honored to be a Hinepreneur coach. It’s been amazing!

What are three key learning’s from this journey?

The three key learning’s for me are:

  1. Being grateful for the space that I am currently in
  2. Having the ability to look back on my life and not be so hard on myself, to start to celebrate those beautiful and amazing things that I’ve done with whānau, hapu and iwi.
  3. Redirecting and circulating confidence back into the world and reflecting on the fact that I am able to share this passion with others.
What are three key learning’s from this journey?

I have noticed four common themes including:

Clients initially come to explore a specific business issues but we tend to uncover challenges in life that either feeds into that business issue or is a path that needs to be traveled before considering their business.

The fact that we are not paying gratitude to what we’ve done. We all have skills that we take for granted but we need to recognize those skills and realize that we can both help people and monetize those skillsets.

Changing mindsets – we’re met with two options: to focus our energies on opportunities or on fear. Focus your mind on opportunities rather than focusing on fear, fear of failure, fear of rejection. By focusing on the opportunities you’re transported into spaces that you may never have imagined.

We come from a moemoeā culture but many people are stuck on this conveyor belt of – going to school, leaving school and getting a job, buying a whare, having a whānau but it doesn’t work like that for a lot of people. Find your passion and make that a reality. It is so special to be a part of moments like these where I get to witness people creating and living their dream lives.

If someone wanted to become a Hinepreneur, what advice would you give?

Go for it! Use it as a space to build where you are, grow yourself, heal yourself if there’s some healing that needs to be done, embrace it and learn from all the people around you. It’s an amazing experience and you get to meet amazing people. When you become a Hinepreneur coach you get to see whānau develop their own ideas and see the glow and happiness on their face when they take their idea from concept to actually opening their business – its an indescribable feeling.

If you would like to connect with Tasha or any of our other Hinepreneur coaches please connect here – How to Access a Coach.