Coronavirus New Zealand government stimulus package

With Finance Minister Grant Robertson warning that coronavirus COVID-19’s economic consequences may exceed those of the last global financial crisis, the New Zealand government has announced a NZD12.1 billion package to cushion the pandemic’s economic impact.

The biggest boost is $5.1billion towards wage subsidies for affected businesses in all sectors and regions.

Immediate income support for beneficiaries and those on low incomes

Extra support for the health system with NZD500 million towards strategy, increasing capacity and capability of the healthcare system and ensuring continuity of care, with NZD235 million immediately unlocked by the cabinet

A provisional tax threshold life, the reinstatement of building depreciation and writing off interest on the late payment of tax.

Below are links that can be accessed by self-employed and sole traders, or by businesses looking to support wages for staff.
Read the info below to see if you qualify.

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